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Our Promise

We strive to be helpful and transparent with all the tattoos we do, from just information to application, treating everyone and everything with the same direct attention.

Syracuse, NY

Est. 2008

Unique Designs

We pride ourselves on providing service in all styles of modern tattooing, ranging from small reproduction to large scale custom work, and cover ups as well, ensuring each design is a unique expression of art.


About Us

Blackened Heart Tattoo, based in Syracuse, NY, stands as a testament to creativity and dedication in the world of tattoo artistry, meticulously founded by the visionary artist, Sam. This studio has quickly become a cornerstone of the local art community, known for its commitment to custom, high-quality designs, and an exceptional client experience. Sam’s leadership ensures that every piece created within the studio’s walls is a work of art, tailored to the individual’s narrative, thereby offering a truly personalized and unforgettable experience. Maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism, Blackened Heart Tattoo offers a welcoming and safe environment for all, where clients’ visions are transformed into reality with precision and care.


Custom Tattoo Designs

Transform your visions into lasting art with our custom tattoo designs. At Blackened Heart Tattoo, we believe in making your tattoo dreams a reality. Bring us your ideas—no matter how big or small—and together, we will embark on a creative journey to design a piece that’s uniquely yours.

Flash Tattoo Designs

We have a ton of flash available to choose from and we are constantly adding to the flash collection.

arm sleeve tattoo